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Since 2007, I have been developing digital learning objects, science simulations, and engaging educational interactive applications, harnessing the power of web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript. With a robust background in teaching and e-learning development, I have seamlessly integrated theoretical studies with hands-on experimentation, sculpting immersive digital learning experiences that kindle learners’ enthusiasm for knowledge. My adeptness in administering Moodle adds another layer to my expertise, enhancing my ability to shape comprehensive educational journeys that resonate with learners’ needs.

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Virtual Oscilloscope

Virtual Oscilloscope

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Photoelectric Effect Simulation

Photoelectric Effect Simulation

Comprehensive Digital Learning Object

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  • Course: Crafting Effective Learning Objectives

    Course: Crafting Effective Learning Objectives

    I created this course and published it on my Moodle platform. Each module is a SCORM package, with a course evaluation survey at the end and a completion certificate. The course is tracked, and you must successfully complete each chapter to unlock the next one. The course is fully learner-centered.

  • Over 2,000 people visited Virtual Oscilloscope in mere 7 days

    Over 2,000 people visited Virtual Oscilloscope in mere 7 days

    Designed to replicate the functionality of a real oscilloscope, the Virtual Oscilloscope has captivated the attention of students, educators, and electronics enthusiasts alike. Its intuitive interface and accurate waveform representations have garnered positive feedback, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in circuit analysis and electronic waveforms. I extend my gratitude to all those…

  • Simply Motivating

    Simply Motivating

    I conducted countless experiments in class throughout the course of my many years of teaching physics to motivate the students. However, I had never anticipated to find that nothing delighted the students as much as the simplest activity where I or the students made a light bulb light up by connecting a switch, wires and…