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Educational Games

Projectile Game

In this game, you must employ the projectile equations to win.
The game consists of three levels, each of which must be completed by scoring at least 8 out of a possible 10 tries. In the first level, you must hit a ground target that shifts position after each attempt. In the second level, you will need to alter the ball’s trajectory to pass over a wall. In the third level, the target flies and changes position both horizontally and vertically in each trial.

Pong Game

In order to gamify the learning process, I developed this educational game. The player engages in a traditional pong game in this activity. A multiple-choice question, however, appears when the player loses a ball. The lost ball is brought back if the player selects the right answer, but if the player selects a wrong answer twice, the lost ball is not recovered, and the game is resumed. The cycle repeats until all three balls are lost.