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Phase Difference Between Sound Waves Simulation

Phase Difference Between Sound Waves Simulation

With this rich simulation, you can visualize and measure the phase difference between two sound waves using two microphones connected to an oscilloscope. Moreover, you can determine the speed of sound in air by measuring the distance between the two microphones when their waveforms are in phase, taking into account the frequency of the sound wave that is controlled by the sine wave generator.

Photoelectric Effect Experiment Simulation

Photoelectric effect simulation

With this comprehensive and realistic-like photoelectric effect experiment simulation, you will be able to illustrate the following:
The variations of the photocurrent versus potential.
The variations of the photocurrent versus light intensity.
The variation of the kinetic energy of the ejected electrons versus the incident light frequency.
It comes with a graph where you can trace each type of variation as you vary the parameters of the experiment.
Plus, you can experiment and discover more with this simulation.

Charging by Induction Simulation

Charging by induction simulation

Using this simulation, you can experience the phenomenon of charging a metallic ball by induction in the first stage and charging the ball by contact in the second stage after the charged rod touches the ball. The displayed charges are for an illustrational purpose, and they are not seen in reality. You can disable the display of charges on the rod and on the ball.
In this simulation, you can try two situations, one in which the rod is positively charged and another in which the rod is negatively charged, and you will see that the two situations result in the same observation.

انحفاظ الزخم الخطي


لو تم إجراء هذه التجربة في ظروف يكون فيها صافي القوى الخارجية صفرًا على المدفع المُحمّل قبل وبعد إطلاق النار مباشرة (على سبيل المثال، عندما يكون وزن المدفع متوازناً مع رد الفعل العمودي للأرض)، فإن حسبنا عندئذٍ حاصل ضرب كتلة القذيفة بسرعتها المتجهة وحاصل ضرب كتلة المدفع بسرعته المتجهة قبل وبعد الإطلاق مباشرة، سنجد أنه قبل إطلاق النار كان كلاهما في حالة سكون، وبالتالي يكون الناتج صفرًا لكليهما، بينما نجد أن الناتجين، بعد إطلاق النار ذوا مقدار متساوٍ، ولكن باتجاهين متعاكسين.

Conservation of Linear Momentum


If this experiment is done in a situation where the net external force is zero on the loaded cannon just before and just after firing (like when the weight of the cannon is balanced with the normal reaction of the ground), then, when we calculate the product of the mass of the bullet by its velocity and the product of the mass of the cannon by its velocity just before and just after firing, we will find that before firing both were at rest so the product is zero for both, while, after firing, the two products are of the same magnitude but the velocities of the cannon and the bullet are of opposite directions.

Archimedes’ Experiment

Floating boat

This experiment shows that, when placed in a liquid, the object displaces a quantity of liquid of mass that is equal to the mass of the object itself. Moreover, the volume of the displaced liquid is equal to the volume of the immersed part of the object.